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Dance 6 w/Wendy (Thurs)

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Week 3

Approx. 86 minutes

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Week 2 – Tap

Parts 1 – 2 | Approx 26 mins.

Video Notes:
Mahna, Mahna by Cake is the music…

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Week 2 – Jazz

Parts 1 – 6 | Approx 65 mins.

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Video 1: Message from Miss Wendy
My message here is simple – practice a skill you have not visited in a while. Remember that boredom is valuable and that feeling of frustration that comes from bring bored spurs us to be creative. Don’t just busy yourself with tasks that take up time. Pull out that violin or that sketchbook or make up a dance step or teach yourself that rule/theorem etc. in math or science that you have been struggling with. Sit with your frustration and boredom and you will find new ways of being in the world or expressing yourself. Or maybe, like me, you will reteach yourself some skill set you haven’t done in (gulp) twenty years. Music: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Video 2: Introduction to Warmup
I suggest you take some time to listen to Mahalia Jackson (so many albums to choose from!) as well as some Rodgers and Hammerstein (Oklahoma, Carousel, The Sound of Music, Allegro, South Pacific, The King and I). All three artists addressed hard and important topics of their day, and you can hear the result in You’ll Never Walk Alone, sung here in a live recording by Mahalia Jackson. I usually don’t play music in class that I have specific emotional attachments to, so now is a good time to pull some of those from my pocket and play them here for you. I encourage you to find a few pieces of music that are new to you this week which are from earlier periods in American history. Don’t simply listen to music on the radio or Spotify that someone else has curated (though that is neat too). Branch out. One of my favorite things to do is to find a song or piece of music I love (like Stairway to the Stars) and listen to every variation or recording from different artists that I can find.

Video 3: Warmup
Use this warmup and build onto the exercises I gave you last week – DON’T forget about those! This time you spend at home dancing and exercising should be in part about YOU finding what exercises work for YOUR body and challenge YOU. Keep notes if you need to and start to build your own warmup, dancers. Use all of my videos as building blocks for your own warmup. Music used: Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (Gnarls Barkley), Sugar Hiccup (Cocteau Twins), and Praise You (Fatboy Slim).

Video 4: Instruction
Upper levels are also welcome to do these exercises. Emphasis on coordination and clear footwork.

Video 5: Instruction
Learning the combination we will build on. Feel free to pause the video and practice more if you need longer to figure out a certain step or a few counts!

Video 6: Instruction
This is the combination and I am just running through it quickly in this video. Again, stop and practice and then start the video over if you would like. I am going to add on to this combination so practice this week! I believe the music is either shrine or the porch by beats antique.

Notes on What to Focus on Now – Strengthening & Centering

Video Notes:
My message to my upper level jazz classes. Do the exercises I have provided a few different times this week, so that next week you are ready for a long dance combination and you feel strong and centered. Much love!

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Cramp Roll Rudiments and Variations

Video Notes:
Once you are comfortable with your cramp rolls, please practice them in any rhythm you want or to any music. Please practice the combinations I gave you here as well.

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Video Notes:
I encourage you to watch this video and pause it as many times as you need to practice (I am tacking on a video in this series later in the list because I need to do the stomp timesteps fast with break (for you to do your break) for the advanced tappers. For my dancers wanting to practice it slow, they can use Dave Brubeck When You Wish Upon A Star or Count Basie Shiny Stockings. For my advanced tappers, try something really challenging like Ellington’s Perdido.

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Paddle Rudiments

Video Notes:
Practice your paddle combination – I will be adding on to this next week! I suggest playing music and seeing if it challenges you to go the correct speed for your body (I tend to use Latin jazz or music with a clear sixteenth note feeling – 1 e and a…). Find two pieces of music, one slow and comfortable and one faster and more challenging for you!.

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Tap Improv Inspiration

Video Notes:
I encourage all of you to pick a piece of music you like or find interesting, and to improvise to it this week – just put your tap shoes on and dance without thinking too much (or at all) about making steps. Just find a movement you like to do or listen and respond to the music. I PROMISE you will learn to love it. It is a great aerobic activity even if you never find steps and sounds you love during that improv. And if you DO find things you like, that is cool too! I like to film my improvisation because I don’t always know when I fall into bad or sloppy habits OR when I do something really amazing or unexpected. That is what watching my video later helps me figure out. So here I am, improvising for you all. Enjoy and go improv!

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Dance Recital

Dance Recital Combo

Video Notes:
Some dancers were not at this class so these are two short turn combos we are putting in the recital dance. Practice where you have room to do the jumps and after you are warmed up!

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Phrase for the Recital Dance

Video Notes:
Check this out for timing and practice the step on your own on both sides.

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Strengthening Exercises 2 (w/ Wendy)

Strengthening Exercises | Approx. 13 minutes

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Lesson Notes:
Interval (Tabata style) training builds awareness of muscles and general core strength, something we need for progressing in dance.

Dance 5 and 6, you may enjoy having a parent or sibling time you if it is too much to concentrate on a clock or stopwatch AND do the exercise.

Jazz 1 and 2, you should be able to do this on your own, and choose advanced variations. I suggest you all try to work up to all 8 exercise cycles.

Everyone: find some music once you get used to this, and HAVE FUN!

As I explain in the video, you do an exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat that 8x (total of 4 minutes), then you rest or get water for another minute. Then you do the same thing with exercise 2, 3 and so on…

Exercise 1: squats (variations: regular, with releve, with weights, with jumps)
20 seconds squats, 10 seconds rest (8X)
1 minute rest

Exercise 2: Burpees (regular, with releve, with jumps, or on one leg- remember to alternate legs every 20 seconds if you choose this advanced option)
20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest (8X)
1 minute rest

Exercise 3: Elbow to knee (you can do from a deep second position plie and lean sideways, or you can do with legs more parallel and twist and lean forward with the arms and legs)
20 seconds elbow to knee, 10 seconds rest (8X)
1 minute rest

Exercise 4: Lunges (I suggest alternating forward and side each 20 seconds, but do all forward or all side if you prefer- options are stepping into lunge and back to center, or jumping for the forward lunges, or just leaning side to side instead of bringing legs in for side lunges)
20 seconds lunge, 10 seconds rest (8X)
1 minute rest

FINALLY: you can choose up to four more exercises (sit ups, push ups, planks, plies, jetes, etc) and do the same thing for a MAXIMUM total of 8 exercises, 40 minutes maximum total for this workout.
Please email or call the studio if you have any questions – I will get back with an answer.

Strengthening Exercises 1 (w/Wendy)

Strengthening Exercises 1 | Approx. 10 minutes

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Lesson Notes:
This is the first of many strengthening/stretching videos for my jazz classes. Thanks to my assistant Opal, and NO THANKS to TBone who was in the other room eating a shoe.

Supplies needed for this exercise series: weights (creatively chosen or regular hand weights, I have examples in the video).